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More Sales, More Profits

Less Work, Less Costs 

● Engage Consumers with Advanced Features

● Boost Sales and Profits

● Optimize Vending Operations

● Increase Efficiency 

● Development and Engineering Support for Your Needs


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A Complete Smart Vending Kit

We help you adopt the latest technologies including eye-catching touchscreen, interactive advertising, and cashless payment to better serve mobile era consumers. We deliver hardware and software complete solutions to meet your requirements. 


More Sales and Profits

By adding cashless payment options including credit/debit cards, NFC, Apple Pay, operators are able to better serve consumers, and increase sales. With touchscreen display, operators can also run advertising, set up interactive promotions and games, which will bring more avenues. 

Optimize Vending Operations

Cloud VMS enables real-time inventory, refill planning, route optimization, detailed sales report and accurate reconciliation, reducing your operation costs and improve efficiency. Mobile friendly APP makes it easy for drivers and refill personnel to view inventory status, create refill activities, and upload refill data anytime, anywhere.


Customization for Your Needs

With strong R&D team, we provide development and engineering support for your specific requirements on smart vending.

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