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Gold Technology Partner of Schneider CAPP
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InHand Neworksa global leader in industrial IoT, has been awarded the title of Gold Technology Partner of Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program(CAPP). Promoted from Partner Silver to top level Gold, InHand active contribution to the partnership is highly recognized.

As a CAPP Technology Partner, our industrial networking products and solutions help Schneider develop complementary solutions to meet the specific requirements of its customers. 

In addition to networking solutions, InHand Networks also helps automation customers with whole life cycle, including setup, commission, operation, and management of a remote system. InHand’s industry-leading Device Manager software makes it easier to operate large systems composed of thousands of remote sites.

InHand reliable industrial networking products and solutions help complete Schneider Electric cutting-edge offerings to customers worldwide. 


About Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP)

To meet complex business and system requirements with simple, effective and efficient solutions, Schneider Electric cultivates an ecosystem that incorporates Collaborative Automation Technology Partners (CAPP). Schneider is working with 3rd party partners to complete its Industry offer and bring their customers the solutions required to meet business objectives.

View InHand Partner Profile. View CAPP Diploma.


About InHand Networks

InHand Networks is a global leader of Industrial IoT with extensive product portfolio including industrial M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches and industrial cellular modems. We provide IoT solutions for Smart Grid, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City, Retail and more. We are the official partner of Rockwell Automation Encompass Program and Schneider Electric CAPP Program.  

InHand Networks is listed on NEEQ 430642 as of February 18, 2014.

For more information about InHand Networks please visit http://www.inhandnetworks.com/ 

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