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Technical Bulletin: Protect Yourself from the Mirai Malware
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We at InHand Networks are concerned with your security. Please take a moment to review your InHand routers and determine if they are susceptible to the latest internet worm, the Mirai.


To protect your routers from Mirai, we strongly recommend that you do the following:


1. Enable encrypted HTTPS management on your router.

2. Change the port number of your HTTPS management interface.

3. Disable plain-text HTTP and telnet administration on your router.

4. Change your password to at least an eight character long password.



How do I access my router with HTTPS?

Accessing your router by https can be simple. Open web browser, and enter “https://” into the URL bar preceding the IP of your router. The HTTPS header lets your browser know to read the webpage as an encrypted https page instead of plaintext http.
A colon and the port number  such as “:443” should be written directly after the IP. An example URL could be This tells the browser to use a different TCP port-number.
You may get an insecure connection warning, but that only means the router is using something called a “self-signed” certificate, which is required for any standalone device. Please click Advanced and select allow to continue.



We will strive to maintain high levels of awareness and updates for any future security threats.
For further information and technical support, please email to support@inhandnetworks.com or call us at (703) 348-2988.


About InHand Networks

InHand Networks is a global leader of Industrial IoT with extensive product portfolio including industrial M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches and industrial cellular modems. We provide IoT solutions for Smart Grid, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City, Retail and more. We are the official partner of Rockwell Automation Encompass Program and Schneider Electric CAPP Program.  

InHand Networks is listed on NEEQ 430642 as of February 18, 2014.

For more information about InHand Networks please visit http://www.inhandnetworks.com/ 

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