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Smart Vending for the Mobile Era
Touchscreen • Cashless Payment • Cloud VMS

Build upon decades of expertise of InHand Networks in IoT, InHand Go Smart Vending Solution has brought vending machines into the mobile era. The complete solutions enable touchscreen user interface, interactive marketing, cashless and mobile payment, and cloud base management for vending business. InHand Go helps vending operator to better serve mobile era consumers, increase the sales, improve efficiency, and boost the profits.

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Interactive Touchscreen

● Interactive UI for mobile generation 

● Touchscreen for product selection and dynamic display

● Nutrition facts display, FDA compliant 

● Advertising, promotions, raffles and more   

● Engage customers and increase sales 

Watch Video: Touchscreen UI

Cashless Payment
  • InPos card reader accepts credit/debit cards, NFC, Apple Pay

  • Support mobile wallet, Wechat wallet, Alipay wallet 

  • Support QR code, coupons and more  

Cloud VMS & Mobile APP 

● Real-time inventory status and refill alerts 

● Refill planning and dynamic routing 

● Detailed sales report and analytics 

● Remotely update advertising and media contents 

● Set up interactive games, promotions, loyalty programs and etc. 

● Mobile APP for drivers and refill personnel

Watch Video: Cloud VMS Intro

Quick Retrofit

  • 7" touchscreen for product selection, advertising and nutrition facts display

  • Compatible with all machines with MDB adapter

  • Telemetry and InPos card reader for cashless payment

  • Efficient operation via cloud VMS & mobile APP

  • Full kit only costs as others' card reader

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