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Cellular Backup for Outlets & Branches


The networking equipment used in the financial industry must protect network security and exhibit high reliability. To reduce costs for customers from construction to maintenance, and to protect cash flow from illegal access, InHand Networks provides customers with high security industrial-grade routers which have been widely used in point of sale networking. This project involved helping a large coffee shop chain protect their business from downtime in the event of a network disruption.



● In this project, one of the famous coffee shops in Europe decided to expand its business and built thousands of branches and sale terminals. In each terminal shop, there was a POS machine which sent billing information to settlement center. Unfortunately, one of its shops which located in a CBD suddenly stopped to provide service because the cable which was used to transmit billing data was somehow damaged. The shop had to be close for two weeks until the communication recovered. Thousands of dollars were lost in the accident and their customers began to turn to the competitors shops. After several days, this coffee shop learned that this damage was due to a nearby construction project in when an excavator cut the cable.

● The coffee shop needed a way to protect their business from network outages. InHand Networks contacted with this company and provided a backup solution with 3G cellular. At each outlet, an InRouter600 router connected to the POS, and InRouter600 would dialup to internet by a cable line using PPPoE/ADSL. If the main link was damaged, InRouter600 would switch from the main link to a backup cellular network within one minute, allowing the point-of-sale (POS) to continue without interruption.


InHand cellular data transmission is especially appropriate for high-secure & high-reliable applications because of its advantages:

1. InRouter600 support an Ethernet connection integrated with LAN ports to support multiple local devices;

2. InRouter600 can provide hot link backup between a landline and cellular to prevent property loss caused by unpredictable network conditions;

3. Four layer of link self-recovery to ensure the point-of-sale remains online;

4. InRouter600 series support standard VPN (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN/GRE/CA) to help to build a high security tunnel for cash flow;

5. With industrial design, the InRouter600 series cellular router can withstand the operating conditions of a normal restaraunt environment;

● Wide Operating Temperature: -20~70 ℃ 

● Power Input: 9~26 VDC, Industrial Terminal Block

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