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The distribution automation system is the core of Distribution Automation (DA). The system includes SCADA, Feeder Automation (FA), fault location data, load management, etc. It utilizes a variety of communication methods to monitor and control the distribution networks in real time. 

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is the largest state-owned electric utility in the world. Its core business is the construction and operation of power networks across China. Since 2007, SGCC has various distribution automation projects in Beijing aiming to improve the reliability and efficiency of the distribution network. 


Large quantities of smart-grid sensors and failovers switches without DSL or fiber connections.

Harsh outdoor environment with high requirements for reliability 

Real-time control and management of the power distribution network.


In a distribution automation system, large numbers of sensors and failover switches may be scattered over a large area. To avoid laying costly fiber-optic cable for so many nodes, China State Grid chose InHand Networks. With many years of cellular communication experience, InHand delivered a reliable GPRS/3G networking solution. InHand also provides centralized management cloud platform Device Manager, allowing for remote configuration, firmware upgrades, online status and network bandwidth usage reports.



Ruggedized for outdoor environments

● Wide operating temperature:-25~70°C

● Certified Electric EMC level for industrial applications

● Ruggedize for on-pole installation, certified by China EPRI

Low power consumption for backup batteries

Secure and reliable cellular communications

● VPDN to ensure security of data transmission

● Link detection and auto-recovery

Easy remote management and monitoring

● InConfig tool configures the InDTU

● RTools remotely manages InDTU in the field

● InAdmin batch management via text message or SMS

● InHand Device Manager creates new possibilities in remote upgrades and real-time monitoring for thousands of smart-grid nodes.

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