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The processing and handling of wastewater in modernized automated facilities is a complex process that utilizes a distributed network of sensors, pumps, valves, controls and technicians to create a unified system designed for centralized monitoring and controls.The key to maintaining this complex distributed automated system is communications.

A pump controls panel-builder approached InHand Networks for assistance in wastewater communications. The focus of their business model is to install pump control panels on premise for wastewater treatment customers. In order to provide remote monitoring, service and customization for their panel, this integrator had several very stringent requirements for the network solution:

● Long range wireless communications

● Out-of-band Ethernet access

● Remote access for PLC programming and diagnostics

● Rapid deployment and low setup time

● Minimal network maintenance


As a recognized partner with both Allen Bradley and Schneider Electric, InHand Networks has provided communications solutions for wastewater for over decade. Acknowledged for products ranging from cellular solutions to Ethernet switches and remote PLC programming tools, InHand Networks provides real communications solutions to our industrial partners.

To support the design efforts of the panel builder, InHand Networks was able to provide remote PLC programming and telemetry with InHand Device Touch and the IG601 Intelligent Gateway. 


Real-Time Telemetry

The InHand Networks IG601 cellular gateway supports the integrator’s wastewater monitoring system by providing internet access on the cellular network independent of the existing SCADA and corporate networks.

Remote PLC Access

The InHand Device Touch Client automatically builds a secure tunnel to the IG601 Intelligent Gateway. An automation technician can customize the PLC program, collect sensor data, review SCADA details and diagnose any issues quickly and easily.

Simple Secure Networking

The Device Touch Client builds a VPN tunnel encrypted with AES-128 bit encryption at the click of a button. The IG601 provides a completely plug and play solution so that automation technicians can focus on building solutions for their customers.

InHand Products

IG601 Intelligent Gateway

● 3G HSPA+ or EVDO Cellular

● Full EMC III

● Modbus RTU to TCP conversion

● Multi-point serial over IP

● Alarms and text messages

● Advanced network functionality

Device Touch Client

● Full user controls and permissions

● Automatic VPN Tunnel

● Simple setup

● IP or serial remote access

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