The elevator has been indispensable equipment in shopping malls, hotels, offices, hospitals and many more public buildings. While they have brought us great convenience, the safety concerns of using elevators cannot be overlooked. It is frequently requested that elevators are remotely monitored constantly, with emergency alarms and maintenance conducted in time, so that elevators are managed in a more secure manner.

InHand Networks offers a “cloud + edge” solution for elevator connectivity featuring IG500 edge computing gateway. It delivers high-speed LTE CAT4 connectivity and cost-effective solution for remote monitoring of elevators.

“Cloud + Edge” Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Solution for Elevators.

The InGateway500 transmits data collected by cameras and sensors to the cloud platform via 4G network. Through big data analysis and comprehensive decision making with external systems, the IG500 enables remote management and preventive maintenance of elevators, lowering maintenance costs, reducing elevator errors, ensuring stable operations of the equipment and security of passengers.


  • With Python development and powerful edge computing capabilities, users can customize smart logic processing for local data, relieving load on the cloud
  • Breakpoint resume supported, built-in 256MB FLASH, Micro-SD card supported
  • Multiple industrial protocols supported, including Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and ISO on TCP
  • InHand “cloud + edge” solution greatly shortens testing periods and reduces workload for deployment
  • Data are transmitted via MQTT IoT protocol, outperforming traditional VPN
  • All industrial-grade design, offering reliable, secure and stable data transmission for unattended sites