2 Ports RS232/485 to Modbus RTU Serial Device Server

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2 Ports RS232/485 To Ethernet Modbus RTU Multi Serial Device Ethernet Converter

The converter is the cost-effective RS232/485 To Ethernet Modbus RTU Multi Serial Device Ethernet Converter. 2 serial ports can work independently without affecting each other. Support switch function between 2 Nets.


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Main Functionality

Modbus Gateway

The device supports the conversion of Modbus-RTU to Modbus-TCP.

Modbus gateway

Replace Multiple RS485 Bus

Support multiple masters and multiple slaves running at the same time, which can replace multiple RS485 buses.


Support Multi-Host Function

Under normal mode, when two hosts: host a and host B are connected to the serial port server at the same time, host A sends a command, the RS485 device receives②command, and the RS485 device returns ③ command, but the network port end of the serial port server will send ④ to host A and ⑤ to host B at the same time. Since host B did not send the query, but also received the response instruction, host B may generate abnormal communication errors. In the multi-host mode, there will be only instruction but not instruction, because the serial port server will automatically remember the host to be returned, and only return the instruction to the nearest communication host, host a query will only reply to a, and host B query will reply to host B.

baud rate range

Multiple communication modes

Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP mode, UDP broadcast. Supports 10 TCP connections as a TCP server.

Send MAC address once connected

Send MAC address function from device connection convenient cloud management devices. For the computer of the secondary. Development package DLL.Development library

High-performance serial port parameters

Baud Rate 1200~460800bps. Data Bits 5~9. The check bit can be unchecked, odd check, Even check, mark, or space five ways. Support CTS/RTS hardware flow control and XON/XOFF soft flow control.

Support DHCP

Agreement connect Domain name server address. Support DHCP automatically received IP, and  DNS.

baud rate range

Parameters Table

Interface 485: Terminal; 232: RJ45(can equip RJ45 to DB9 cable); 422: Ethernet RJ45
Power Supply 9~24V DC,2~4W; 5.5mm, Inside positive outside negative, standard outlet; Terminal
Size L x W x H = 9.4cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm
Ethernet 2*10M/100M interfaces(can connect anyone), 2KV surge protection
Serial RS232/485/422×2:RXD, TXD, GND, CTS, RTS
Baud rate 1200~460800bps
Parity None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
Data size 5~9
Flow control RTS/CTS, NONE
Setting method ZLVirCom, WEB browser, device management library
RS485 Interface Stand 5.08 Terminals
Net communication method Socket, Virtual serial, device management library
Work Mode TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real Com Driver
Running temperature -40~85℃
Storage temperature -45~165℃
Humidity 5~95%RH

Detailed Indicators

din-rail easy installation

ACT: Data transferred between Ethernet and RS232/485/422 once ACT light turns on, otherwise, that is not transferred.
LINK: Once the LINK light turns on, the cable is connected normally and the device is under UDP mode
POWER: Device in power on
NET: Ethernet cable is connected well

Terminal Specification

din-rail easy installation

From Left to Right: RJ1 is Ethernet1, RJ2 is Ethernet2
RJ3 is serial port 2, RJ4 is serial port 1
RS232 is with RJ45, we provide customize RJ45 to DB9
Can be changed into DB9 male terminal

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