CAN to RS485/232/422 Converter

InHand Networks SKU: INYBT-0401


CAN to RS485/232/422 converter

The converter is high performance CAN to RS485/232/422 converter, a gateway serial communication module.

features of inybt-0401

Main Functionality

Standard CAN2.0 Protocol

CAN protocol fully complies with CAN2.0B specifications and is compatible with CAN2.0A.

Standard CAN2.0 Protoco

Replace Multiple RS485 Bus

Support multiple masters and multiple slaves running at the same time, which can replace multiple RS485 buses.


Wide Baud Rate Range

Support 600~921600bps serial rate. Support 6k~1Mbps CANBus communication rate.

baud rate range

Electrical Isolation of Communication Ports

The electrical isolation CAN interface comes with a photoelectric isolation module, which has strong anti-static and surge capabilities, and can be used in harsh environments.

baud rate range

Abundant Hardware Indicators

The status of the device can be viewed through the indicator light.

Abundant Hardware Indicators

Wide Voltage and Working Temperature

The module is truly industrial grade with wide voltage power supply. There is no need to worry about the power supply scheme. It can work under the environment of -40 ~ 85℃.

DC 8~28v, -40 ~ 85℃

DIN-Rail Installation

DIN-Rail mounting is available for various deployment scenarios.

DC 8~28v, -40 ~ 85℃

Parameters Table

Supply 8~28V
CAN Baud Rate 6kbps~1Mbps
Serial Port Baud Rate 600~921600bps (RS232 only supports 230400)
Data Receiving Capability 1000 frames/s
Data Sending Capability 1000 frames/s
Transparent Transmission Support
Transparency with Logo Conversion Support
Protocol Conversion Support
Modbus Protocol Support
Custom Protocol Conversion Support
RS232 Interface Stand DB9 Female
RS485 Interface Stand 5.08 Terminals
RS422 Interface Stand 5.08 Terminals

Product Size

din-rail easy installation

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