Industrial 8-Ports RS485 Hub

InHand Networks SKU: INHUB-Z9480


Industrial RS485 Hub

INHUB-Z9480 is an 8 ports industrial isolation RS485 hub, can extending 8 channels of RS485 slave ports through 1 channel of RS485 master port. It can effectively implement relay, extension and isolation of RS485 network.

features of INHUB-Z9480

Features and Functionality

Three Main Functionality

effectively isolate master and slave ends of RS485 network; meanwhile isolate 8 slave stations.

can effectively extend communication distance of RS485 network.

can implement 1 channel RS485 extending to 8 channels RS485, multiply the numbers of RS485 devices in the network.

main functions: isolation, relay, extension

Connection Diagram

The master-port end of INHUB-Z9480 provides isolation RS485, the slave-portend extends 8 channels isolation RS485 interface.

Connection Diagram

Opto-Isolation and Power-Isolation

The photoelectric isolation function can effectively make RS485 master and sub devices separate from each other, avoid damage from the ground potential difference of master-slave devices and static, lightning, surge to devices, also can avoid damage from ground loop current caused.

Opto-Isolation and Power-Isolation

High Baud Rate

It is designed for industrial scenarios in harsh environments with a high baud rate up to 460800bps, especially suitable for situations requiring high reliability and safety.

baud rate up to 460800bps

DIN-Rail Installation

DIN-Rail mounting is available for various deployment scenarios.


Parameters Table

Interface Standard meet EIA/TIA RS232/RS485 standard
Physical Interface RS485: Terminal
Serial Port Type RS485: two-line (A, B)
Communication Rate 300~460800bps baud rate (self-adaptive)
Support Qty. each RS485 port support up to 32 node
Communication Distance 1200m (9600bps); higher rate shorter distance
Operation Mode half-duplex transparent transmission
Input Voltage DC 9~30V
Work Temperature -45℃~+85℃
Environment Humidity <95%RH
RS232 Interface Stand DB9 Female
Transmission Medium normal parallel lines or twisted-pair
Size L×W×H=12.2cm×7.2cm×3.4cm

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