Light Intensity Sensor

InHand Networks SKU: RS-GZ-N01-2-6


Light Intensity Sensor (Illumination Meter Sensor) for Measuring Light

The light intensity sensor (illuminance meter) is a high-precision photosensitive transmitter. The device adopts a wall-mounted waterproof shell with high protection. It supports standard Modbus-RTU with RS-485. it has a high response rate so you can be rest assured to get both fast and quality readings.


DC Power supply 10 ~ 30V DC
Maximum power consumption 0.4W
Humidity accuracy
± 3% RH (5% RH~95% RH, 25 ℃)
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 ℃
Light intensity 0-65,535 Lux; 0-200,000 Lux
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 ℃
Humidity measurement range 0 ~ 80%
Temperature measurement range -40℃~+60℃
Long-term stability of temperature
Long-term stability of humidity ≤1%/y
Long-term stability of light intensity ≤5%/y
Response time of temperature ≤18s (1m/s Wind speed)
Response time of humidity ≤6s (1m/s Wind speed)
Response time of light intensity 0.1s

Wiring Instruction

Communication Specifications

Communication Specifications
Code eight-digit binary
Data bits 8
Parity bit None
Stop bit 1
Error check CRC (Redundant Cyclic Code)
Baud rate Default, 4800bit/s; optional, 2400bit/s, 4800bit/s, 9600 bit/s

Register Address

Register Address
Register Address PLC or Configuration Address Content Operation
0000 H 40001 humidity Read only
0001 H 40002 temperature Read only
0002 H 40003 illuminance (Only enabled in 0~200,000 Lux, unit is 1 Lux) Read only
0003 H 40004 illuminance (Only enabled in 0~200,000 Lux, unit is 1 Lux) Read only
0006 H 40007 illuminance (0~65,535 unit 1Lux; 0~200,000 unit hundred Lux) Read only


Wide Range of Application: Great for agricultural planting, greenhouse, production warehouse, raw material processing, hoffices or rooms for any photography projects, scenic design, etc. It can be put on the desk or hanging on the wall.

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