Oxygen O2 Sensor

InHand Networks SKU: RS-O2-N01-2


Oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) for monitoring air quality

The O2 sensor response quickly to the changes in oxygen concentration with strong anti-interference ability. The oxygen sensor works well in harsh and complex environments with a wall-mounted waterproof case and analyzes the concentration of O2 accurately. The measurement accuracy is up to ±3% F.S; the range is 0-25% VOL. It supports standard Modbus-RTU with RS-485. In severe weather such as dust, rain and snow, the device can also work normally.


Power supply 10 ~ 30V DC
Output signal
Power consumption 0.12W
Temperature measurement range -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 ℃
Humidity accuracy ± 3% RH
Humidity measurement range 0 ~ 100%
Operating temperature -20~50℃
Working humidity
5~95%RH No condensation
Pressure range 90~110Kpa
Stability (months) ≤5% signal value / year
Response time ≤10S
Zero drift (-20~40°C) ±0.3%V ol
Repeatability ≤1% output value
Service life ≥24 months
Range 0~25% Vol
Resolution 0.1% Vol

Wiring Instruction

Communication Specifications

Communication Specifications
Code eight-digit binary
Data bits 8
Parity bit None
Stop bit 1
Error check CRC (Redundant Cyclic Code)
Baud rate Default, 4800bit/s; optional, 2400bit/s, 4800bit/s, 9600 bit/s

Register Address

Register Address
Register Address PLC or Configuration Address Content Operation Scope and Definition
0000 H 40001 Oxygen concentration Read only 0~250(The value after expanding 10 times)
0001 H 40003 Oxygen concentration Read only 0~250(The value after expanding 10 times)


Wide Range of Application: Great for agricultural planting, greenhouse, production warehouse, workshops, chemical plants, office, and any closed places. It can be put on the desk or hanging on the wall.

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