Remote IO Controller with RS485 Port

InHand Networks SKU: INZ-IO-6002-I20


Remote IO controller with Ethernet port and RS485

INZ-IO-6002 is a remote IO module, it is based on RS485 transmission, it can monitor 4 channels of digital input, 2 channels of analog input and control 4 channels of relay output at the same time. The remote IO control and data acquisition use Modbus protocol.

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IO Ports Description

Digital Inputs

It's compatible with passive switch(dry node) and active level(wet node), for the active level, wet mode, the voltage range as followed:

VCC Voltage Low Level Range High Level Range
24V 0-17V 17-24V
9V 0-3V 3-9V

Analog Inputs: multiple options

Current input : 4~20mA (INZ-IO-6002-I20)
Voltage input: 0~5V,0~10V (INZ-IO-6002-V5), (INZ-IO-6002-V10)
Resistance input: 0~10K (INZ-IO-6002-R10K)

Digital Outputs

Output type: relay output (5A@AC250V/DC30V)


Modbus Protocol Supported

INZ-IO-6002 makes it more convenient for customers Modbus RTU protocol to control the device remotely.

modbus protocol

Din-Rail Installation

DIN-Rail mounting is available for various deployment scenarios.

din-rail installation

Easy and Safe RS485 Terminal Connection

din-rail installation
din-rail installation
din-rail installation

Modbus Command Description

The remote I/O controller uses MODBUS TCP or RTU to communicate with PC software, Modbus register table defined as followed:

Register address No. of DI/DO/AI Modbus Command Descriptions R/W
00001 0 01 No. 1 DI Read Only
00002 1 01 No. 2 DI Read Only
00003 2 01 No. 3 DI Read Only
00004 3 01 No. 4 DI Read Only
00017 0 01/05 No. 1 DO Read/Write
00018 1 01/05 No. 2 DO Read/Write
00019 2 01/05 No. 3 DO Read/Write
00020 3 01/05 No. 4 DO Read/Write
30001 0 04 No. 1 AI Read Only
30002 1 04 No. 2 AI Read Only

Product Compare

Remote IO Module
ModelINZ-IO-6002 INZ-IO-6042
Analog input2*AI2*AI
Digital input4*DI4*DI
Relay output4*DO4*DO
RJ45 Ethernet port-

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