Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor

InHand Networks SKU: RS-ECTH-N01-TR-1


Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture sensor analyzes accurately the occurrence, evolution, improvement and water-salt dynamics of saline soil. It is composed of a stainless-steel probe and a waterproof probe which can be buried in the soil to measure the surface and deep soil moisture, at the same time, ensures accurate and instant testing results. Soil sensors as an important tool for detecting soil health, provide data support for soil moisture monitoring, agricultural irrigation, and forestry protection industries


Power supply 10 ~ 30V DC
Maximum power consumption 0.7W(24V DC powered by
Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Conductivity range 0-20000us/cm
Conductivity resolution 10us/cm
Conductivity accuracy 0-10000us/cm In range±3%; 10000-20000us/cm In range±5%
Soil moisture range 0-100%
Soil moisture resolution 0.1%
Soil moisture accuracy 0-50% Inside 2%; 50-100% Inside 3%
Soil temperature range -40~80℃
Soil temperature resolution 0.1℃
Soil temperature accuracy
Conductivity temperature compensation Built-in temperature compensation sensor, compensation range 0-50℃
Protection class IP68
Probe material Anti-corrosion special electrode
Sealing material Black flame retardant epoxy resin
Default cable length 2 meters, cable length can be customized
Dimensions 45*15*123mm
Output signal RS485 (Modbus protocol)

Wiring Instruction

Communication Specifications

Communication Specifications
Code eight-digit binary
Data bits 8
Parity bit None
Stop bit 1
Error check CRC (Redundant Cyclic Code)
Baud rate Default, 4800bit/s

Register Address

Register Address
Register Address PLC or Configuration Address Content Operation Scope and Definition
0000 H 40001 (Decimal) Water content Read only Real-time value of water content (expand 10 times)
0001 H 40002 (Decimal) Temperature value Read only Real-time temperature value (enlarge 10 times)
0002 H 40003 (Decimal) Conductivity Read only Real-time conductivity
0003 H 40004 (Decimal) Salinity
Read only Salinity real-time value
0004 H 40005 (Decimal) Total dissolved solids TDS Read only TDS real-time value
0022 H 40035 (Decimal) Conductivity temperature coefficient Read and write 0 ~ 100 corresponds to 0.0% ~ 10.0%;  0.0% by default
0023 H 40036 (Decimal) Salinity coefficient Read and write ~100 corresponds to 0.00 ~ 1.00 Default 50 (0.55)
0024 H 40037 (Decimal) TDS coefficient Read and write 0 ~100 corresponds to 0.00 ~ 1.00 Default 50 (0.5)
0050 H 40081 (Decimal) Temperature calibration value Read and write Integer (expand 10 times)
0051 H 40082 (Decimal) Calibration value of water content Read and write Integer (expand 10 times)
0052 H 40083 (Decimal) Conductivity calibration value Read and write Integer
07D0 H 42001 (Decimal) Device address
Read and write 1~254 (factory default 1)
07D1 H 42002 (Decimal) Device baud rate Read and write 0 for 2400; 1 for 4800; 2 for 9600


Wide Range of Application: Great for agricultural planting, greenhouse, farms for soil moisture monitoring, agricultural irrigation, and forestry protection industries.

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