Temperature and Humidity Sensor

InHand Networks SKU: RS-WS-N01-2-4


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor is rain-proof and snow-proof with has IP65 high-protection shell and good air permeability. The circuit uses industrial microprocessor chips imported from the United States and imported high-precision temperature sensors to ensure excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the products. The output signal type is RS485, which can communicate up to 2000 meters.


Power supply 10 ~ 30V DC
Maximum power consumption 0.4W
Humidity of A quasi accuracy ±2%RH (5%RH ~ 95%RH, 25℃)
Temperature of A quasi accuracy ±0.4℃ (25℃)
Humidity of B quasi accuracy ±3%RH (5%RH ~ 95%RH, 25℃)
Temperature of B quasi accuracy ±0.5℃ (25℃)
Transmitter circuit operating temperature and humidity 0% ~ 100%RH
Probe working temperature 0.1℃
Probe working humidity 0.1%RH
Temperature display resolution 1s
Humidity display resolution ≤1%RH/y
Temperature and humidity refresh time ≤0.1℃/y
Long-term stability of humidity ≤4s (1m/s Wind speed)
Long-term stability of temperature ≤15s (1m/s Wind speed)

Wiring Instruction

Communication Specifications

Communication Specifications
Code eight-digit binary
Data bits 8
Parity bit None
Stop bit 1
Error check CRC (Redundant Cyclic Code)
Baud rate Default, 4800bit/s; optional, 2400bit/s, 4800bit/s, 9600 bit/s

Register Address

Register Address
Register Address PLC or Configuration Address Content Operation
0000 H 40001 temperature Read only
0001 H 40002 humidity Read only


Wide Range of Application: Great for agricultural planting, greenhouse, production warehouse, raw material processing, home interior, like living room bathroom, classroom, office, and any closed places. It can be put on the desk or hanging on the wall.

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