The Internet of Things requires terminal devices to be connected to WiFi anytime and anywhere. Now the amount of information is huge, and 4G traffic is obviously not enough, which is a huge market demand! It is required to achieve WiFi network coverage in mobile occasions or some places not covered by wired network. At present, the best way is to convert 4G to WiFi network coverage.

How is the conversion from 4G to WiFi realized?

To realize 4G to WiFi, we need a router that equipped with both 4G module and AP / routing WiFi module so as to support 4G to WiFi. It is similar to the hotspot sharing of mobile phones, which converts 4G data signals into wifi signals through USB interface to realize wifi coverage in mobile occasions. The principle of this 4G to WiFi is as shown in the figure:

What are the applications of 4G to WiFi module?

The 4G-to-wifi router is widely used in high demand industrial applications including Vending, express delivery cabinet, parking lot, vehicle supply network, monitoring, remote control, Smart Grid, Automation, Transportation, ATM and so on. It is also used in mobile occasions such as cars, buses, subways, high-speed trains, etc. It provides WIFI hotspots for adults and children in cars to connect with mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets and computers to surf the Internet, so that you can walk safely and happily.

4G-to-wifi router also provide a way to those down stream devices that don't have Ethernet ports to connect to each other or some spots where wired cables are hard to be stored. It can also extends your "LAN port".

The InRouter300 (IR300) is a compact M2M LTE router integrating 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and VPN technologies. Equipped with complete functions, it is applied in various industries and applications. Cost-effectiveness and higher reliability enable you to build a digital network with greater ease.

  • High-speed LTE CAT4 connectivity
  • Wi-Fi network facilitates data transfer in the onsite LAN
  • Stable and reliable, offering uninterrupted networking for unattended sites
  • Remote management and deployment by Device Manager in the cloud
  • Industrial design, IP30, 9–36V power supply, enduring in harsh environments

InRouter302 enables you to solely use LTE for our internet link, but will connect local devices to the modem via 2xethernet and WiFi network (via DHCP).
The cellular port is connected to the network, and then the router is set to the AP mode of Wi Fi, and the wired Ethernet port is set to the LAN mode. Both Ethernet ports join the same bridge port with WiFi port.

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