ODU2000 Cloud-Managed 5G Outdoor Unit High Speed Router, Cloud-Managed, IP67

InHand Networks SKU: ODU2002-NAVA



The 5G ODUs are designed for organizations and individuals who need to build, expand or optimize 5G networks in specific locations. These customer segments are typically characterized by a strong demand for high-speed, stable and reliable 5G signaling and coverage.The cloud-managed 5G ODU 2000 series, combined with InCloud Manager SaaS service, provides global customers with high-speed, convenient, and secure 5G efficient networks. Leveraging high-performance and fast 5G cellular network access, InHand 5G ODU delivers excellent connectivity with low latency, fully unlocking the potential of 5G.

Powerful Computing, Multiple Industrial Protocols, Fast Python Customisation


Unleash the Potential of 5G

InHand's 5G ODU taps into high-performance 5G networks, delivering seamless connectivity with minimal latency. Achieve blazing fast speeds of up to 4.76 Gbps downlink and 1.25 Gbps uplink. It operates in the Sub-6 GHz 5G spectrum, supporting SA & NSA networks, and is compatible with LTE CAT19.

8GB Memory eMMC, CPU ARM cortex-A8 1GHz, 1GB Ram DDR3

Enhanced Efficiency, Elevated User Experience

InHand's 5G ODU elevates enterprise networks, boosting performance for agile growth. Achieve up to 2 Gbps throughput with a dual 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port, supporting WAN/LAN or dual LAN configuration, including a PoE-enabled LAN port.

8GB Memory eMMC, CPU ARM cortex-A8 1GHz, 1GB Ram DDR3

Effortless Remote Deployment

Our zero-touch deployment simplifies the process. Anyone can power and install on-site equipment, while experts remotely configure and troubleshoot devices from the cloud, minimizing deployment costs. Plug & play, App and Web configuration, InCloud Manager setup.

Modbus TCP, PPP +CC-LINK, ErhernetNET/IP, Modbus RTU, OPC UA Server

Efficient Cloud Management

Together with InCloud Manager, our 5G ODU allows effortless cloud management across multiple sites. Monitor networks in real time, boost IT efficiency from anywhere, and break free from constraints. Centralized access hub/Intuitive graphical data/User-friendly interface/Business overview

Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS Greengrass and Thingsboard cloud platform

Engineered for Outdoor Excellence

With unwavering commitment to design excellence, the InHand 5G ODU showcases meticulous attention across all facets. From product conception to component selection, each element is thoughtfully designed to ensure outstanding performance, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

EMC L3, IP30

Seamless Connectivity

The ODU2000 ensures continuous online presence, guaranteeing network stability and reducing the chances of connectivity disruption. Wired/cellular failover, dual NANO SIM Choice of eSIM with external link redundancy Advanced link detection and self-recovery

EMC L3, IP30

Product Detail

InRouter302 Compact Industrial LTE VPN Router with 2 ethernet ports InRouter302 Compact Industrial LTE VPN Router

Packaging List

IG902, WiFi antenna*2, LTE 4G antenna, Power Supply, Ethernet Cable


Model: Region (Carrier) Band
ODU2002-NAVA North America (Verizon, AT&T) 5G Sub 6:
LTE TDD: B41/46/48
ODU2002-NATM North America (T-Mobile) 5G Sub 6: n25/41/66/71
LTE FDD: B2/4/5/12/66/71
LAA: B46
ODU2002-EUNR Europe, Australia, Asia 5G Sub 6:
LTE FDD: B1/3/5/7/8/20/28/32/71
LTE TDD: B38/40/41/42/43

5G ODU 2000 Hardware
Hardware Platform
Throughput Up to 2Gbps
Recommended Users 200
Interface Description
Cellular 5G: 4.67Gbps (DL)/1.25Gbps (UL)
4G: 1.6Gbps (DL)/200Mbps (UL)
USB 1* Type-C 2.0
2*SIM,Nano 4FF SIM slot, Hot plug
RESET Reset button
Ground Termina 1*GND
Lights System, Cellular, Signal, WAN, LAN
Antenna Interface TNC-type connectors
6*Sub 6, 1*GNSS, 1*Wi-Fi
Radio Frequency Single band 2.4GHz
Max Transmission Bandwidth 150Mbps
Transfer Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Maximum Output Power 17dBm
Operating Mode AP mode
Power Supply
Power Power over Ethernet (PoE) - 802.3at
Power Consumption ≤15W
Mechanical Features
Installation Wall mounting, pole mounting
Dimensions & Weight 360*220*72(mm),2.87kg
Housing & Cooling Metal & Fanless
Working Temperature -30°C to 70°C (-22℉ to 158°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40℉ to 185°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Salt Mist IEC60068-2-52
Certificates FCC, IC, PTCRB, Verizon, T-mobile*,CE* Note: The functions marked with * are not implemented yet.
Warranty 3 years
Cloud-based Management 5G ODU 2000 Function
Completely Based on Cloud Management
InCloud Manager Centralized management platform
Simple and intuitive dashboard
User-friendly management
Batch upgrade and management
Uplink Management
Network Access Multiple network access, 5G/4G cellular network access, ETH network access
Smart Link Link backup/packet-by-packet load balancing among multiple links Real-time detection of link delay, jitter, and packet loss Supports priority adjustment
Monitoring & Alerting
Dash Board Device information, interface status, and refined traffic
Link Monitoring
Link delay, jitter, packet loss, and throughput monitoring
Cellular Signal Real-time view of cellular signal strength、RSSI、RSRP、 RSRQ、SINR
Log & Alarm System logs, diagnostic logs, device events, email alerts
Network Function
IP Protocol IPv4/IPv6*
IP Application VLAN, DHCP server/client, DNS, DDNS*, fixed address assignment, IP passthrough
Interface Management Duplex mode, link negotiation rate, interface enable
Wi-Fi Support 2.4G Wi-Fi,AP
Policy Management Policy routing, traffic shaping
Self-recovering Built-in software and hardware watchdog, self-healing equipment operation failure, to ensure the equipment maintains high availability
Remote Maintenance
Remote Access Control Support Web/Cli remote access
Cloud Connection Remote maintenance of PCs, monitoring equipment, servers, etc.
Network Diagnostics Support Ping, Traceroute, network packet capture tools, diagnostic logs
Configuration Backup Support configuration import and export

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