what is docker?

This article has everything you need to know about Docker's foundation.

What is Docker

The idea of Docker is similar to that of “container”. What problems can container solve?

First, the container encapsulates scattered and hard to carry large quantities of goods into a whole, providing a general packaging standard for goods, which is convenient for transportation.

Second, whether the container is fruit, toys or vegetables, such container packaging measures will not affect each other and conflict occurs.

This kind of standardized design tends to be unified, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency of logistics.

Why does Docker think like the idea of “container”? Docker Developers can package their applications and rely on packages into a portable container, similar to “containers,” and then publish them to any popular Linux machine, or virtualization can be achieved.

Containers are completely sandbox mechanism, and there will be no interface between them, just as containers will not interact with each other, and version management, copy, share and modify can be carried out at the same time, just like managing common code.

But Docker is not a container itself, it is a tool to create containers, and an open source application container engine.

Because of the above advantages, container technology is popular with developers.

Three core concepts of Docker Technology

  1. Image
  2. Warehouse
  3. Container

For example: As a developer, I built a movie themed hotel. From design to completion, I spent a lot of time and energy, and finally finished building the hotel. The business is also very good.

However, soon after, the surrounding area began to build, resulting in fewer and fewer guests, almost closed down. I think if only there was a way to move the hotel directly to a better location.

At this time, someone suddenly said that he could help me copy the hotel to make a “mirror”, put it in my backpack, let me go to the center with my bag, take the mirror out and put it on the ground, and the guests can take the bag directly to check in.

How good, how much saved me, how much cost!

In this case, the “mirror” placed in the package is the Docker image. My backpack is Docker warehouse. I took out the hotel in the center of “magic change” and opened again, which is the Docker container.

In fact, Docker has a huge image warehouse. Imagine that Mr. A built a European hotel and created a mirror image. Mr. B built a hot spring hotel and created a mirror image. These mirrors are all in a public warehouse and can be exchanged. Then I can arrange the hotel style according to the market demand and generate more revenue. Of course, Docker Registry will manage the image warehouse to ensure the legitimacy of the image.

Advantages of Docker

After the introduction above, I believe that you have a general understanding of Docker. Here is a summary of its advantages:

1. Faster delivery and deployment: Docker can help you deliver quickly throughout the development cycle.

2. Efficient deployment and expansion: Docker container can run on almost any platform, including physical machine, virtual machine, public cloud, private cloud, etc. This compatibility allows users to migrate one application directly from one platform to another.

3. Higher resource utilization: Docker has a high utilization rate of system resources, and thousands of Docker containers can be run simultaneously on a host. Besides running the application, the container does not consume additional system resources, which makes the application performance very high, and the system cost is as low as possible.

4. Simpler Management: using Docker, only a small modification is needed to replace a large number of previous updates. All changes are distributed and updated incrementally, enabling automated and efficient management.

Edge Computing Gateway 

IG900 series edge computing gateway supports Docker secondary development environment, and matches strong edge computing capabilities. It can support C, python, Java, JS, go and other languages, easily meet various programming habits of users, realize rapid deployment and improve development efficiency.

what is docker?

IG900 series edge computing gateway is a hybrid little prince integrating edge computing and industrial Internet of things. In addition to supporting the secondary development of Docker, it also has the following features:
● Support multiple industrial protocols
● Strong edge computing power
● Easy docking with mainstream cloud platforms
● Complete security features
● Fully industrialized design
● Provide device manager cloud management platform
IG900 series edge computing gateway can help you easily build IOT cloud solutions, provide real-time collection and response, edge intelligence, secure transmission and other services, and ultimately improve your efficiency and save costs.

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