We are pleased to announce that the InGateway902 is now qualified for the AWS IoT Greengrass certificate.

InHand’s new IoT edge computing gateway aims to support the digital transformation of industries with IoT technologies. The product features highly-reliable and uninterrupted network connection, powerful edge computing capabilities, a Python-based custom development platform, and a cooperative ecosystem. It is designed to reduce cloud-end computing resources, realize data optimization, real-time response, agile connection and model analysis on the IoT edge, further advancing the development of digital networking in the AI era. The InGateway902 is also a certified Microsoft Azure IoT Device. The InGateway902 High-end Version and the InGateway902 Basic Version are listed on Azure IoT Device Catalog.


Why InGateway902?

With Edge Computing, processing and actions can be moved from cloud to a local device, a gateway, or a PC on the factory floor, i.e. the edge of the network. For manufacturing, moving computing to the network edge can bring at least these benefits:  

● Near real-time response in mission-critical scenarios, without the latency inevitable when going through the cloud.

● Reduced bandwidth costs and resources required by cloud computing. 

● Predictive analysis, anomaly detection, image recognition, etc. by AI/machine learning running on the device. 


Where to use edge computing?

Example 1: CNC machines on the factory floor

An edge computing device can take actions, e.g. an e-stop, in nearly real time according to pre-programmed logic, so that loss is prevented. 


Example 2: Remote oil fields where cloud connectivity is unstable and costly

An edge computing gateway can enable autonomous running and upload processed data to the cloud twice a day. 


About InHand Networks

InHand Networks is a global leader of Industrial IoT with an extensive product portfolio including industrial M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches and industrial cellular modems. We provide IoT solutions for Smart Grid, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City, Retail and more. We are the official partner of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Program and Schneider Electric CAPP Program.  

InHand Networks is listed on NEEQ 430642 as of February 18, 2014.

For more information about InHand Networks, please visit https://www.inhandnetworks.com/