Designed for the healthcare industry, medical vehicles are usually equipped with professional devices including ultrasound equipment, biochemical analyzers, examining tables, freezers, air conditioners, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, etc. They provide communities with convenient and high-quality healthcare services, ranging from general examination to specialized services like dental and ophthalmic treatment, and sometimes work as ambulances in case of emergencies.

Effective management has been a challenge for medical vehicles. Moving vehicles need to communicate with the management platform, upload data, and extract resources from the healthcare center. Thus, InHand Networks delivers a smart connectivity solution of medical vehicles with its VG710 vehicle gateway.

InHand’s Smart Connectivity Solution for Medical Vehicles

Connectivity of Mobile Vehicles

The vehicle gateway offers high-speed and stable wireless networking to medical vehicles and their peripherals. Healthcare data is collected and uploaded to the data center. For those in need of inpatient services, the medical center can make a preliminary diagnosis. Connecting the on-board multimedia communication system to the remote diagnostic system, the VG710 offers fast and stable transmission of high-definition audio and video files. It takes less than a minute to upload a 100MB scanned image within 4G networks, and 1 second only with 5G.

Using ODB diagnostic interface, the VG710 monitors the vehicle operation status in real time. Data is uploaded to the management platform for diagnostics and preventive maintenance.

The VG710 delivers uninterrupted high-precision location tracking, so that vehicles can better navigate and plan for better routes. Driving behavior is constantly monitored; dangerous acts such as rapid acceleration, hard brakes and sudden turns are overseen and warned so as to reduce accidents.


High-speed 5G/4G network with speed up to 2000Mbps

With extensive interfaces, the VG710 offers in-vehicle medical devices network access. The VG710 has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual concurrent Wi-Fi 5, enabling more terminals to be connected to the Internet. Firewalls and VPN ensures security of connectivity.

High-precision location tracking

Equipped with high-precision and high-sensitivity GNSS, the VG710 precisely tracks vehicle locations. The inertia navigation system enables the gateway to constantly track the vehicle location even when satellite signal is not available.

Easy-to-use environment for developers

The VG710 vehicle gateway offers an open platform for developers. With Python and Docker supported, the VG710 allows system integrators to program their own applications according to business need.

Remote Management

The supporting vehicle management platform is equipped with functions including task allocation, route planning, track monitoring, real-time messaging and geo-fencing, enhancing the efficiency of operation and maintenance. It can also efficiently maintain vehicle gateways remotely, and the platform offers ports for others, synchronizes medical data and automatically dispatches vehicles.