With the explosive growth of various network services, communication network has become one of the most important infrastructures in our society. People are increasingly relying on various services provided by large-scale network communication, including business services, medical treatment, and financial activities, etc.

However, the current network infrastructure is facing various potential threats, such as natural disasters and man-made destruction. Because of these potential threats, connectivity may fail sometime. This will cause network services down, and even a long-term network paralysis, which seriously affects the business network. After the damage occurs, how to quickly restore the disconnected network connection and minimize the impact is the problem.

We are here to provide InCloud management network solutionsincluding edge router ER805 and InCloud Manager SaaS cloud services, to realize timely restoration of network communication and reduce the impact of network failures for your business.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery Networking

On-site network instruction

As the on-site network device, the edge router ER805 can quickly access the Internet through the 4G/5G cellular network, providing a stable and efficient business network environment. ER805 also can easily establish an efficient local area network, and the cashier POS systems and intelligent self-service terminal in branch stores can be easily connected to the business local area network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. ER805 provides simple, convenient and efficient network services for stores with excellent network capabilities

On-site network failover

InCloud Management solution use the edge router ER805 to monitor the network connection in real time. When any network link encounters a problem, it will trigger intelligent link failover function, and the ER805 router will automatically switch to another stable network link. Double protection for your business.

On-site network management

In order to facilitate centralized management of branch stores, the InCloud manager SaaS service provides the following to make management simple and efficient.

  • Centralized management platform
  • Simple and intuitive graphical data
  • Simple management and operation interface
  • Batch configuration and upgrade


Why InHand Networks

Simple and convenient cellular network

With 5G network access capabilities, ER805 can access to operator networks, and provide high-speed network services

Efficient network access capability

Support multiple network access, provide gigabit network and gigabit Wi-Fi networking, build a stronger and more agile network for business, and improve network experience.

Intelligent link failover

Provides "always online" high-quality network services, real-time link detection, smart link failure transfer, reduce the risk of network failures, and save costs.

Centralized cloud management

The centralized cloud management helps to realize the convenient, standard and scaled network management. Millions of sites in different location can be managed seamless, making management easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

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