With the continuous growth and development of business from retail stores, restaurants to pop-up locations and offices of all kinds, a stable and reliable network is important to ensure the sustainability of business. Networking, standardization, and visualization of IT management of branch networks have gradually become the future trend.

At present, private lines are commonly used for interconnection between corporate headquarters and branches (a few enterprises with dual private lines). The higher the private line broadband, the more expensive. However, the line bandwidth will affect the network experience. And once the only line fails, it will cause business interruption without questions. Enterprise IT engineers need to pay more attention to the way of how to effectively reduce the cost of network broadband.

Corporate branches and headquarters need to establish a network for mutual access. How to ensure the data security and digital assets of the corporate network is particularly critical in the increasingly complex network environment. How to improve the enterprise network experience and how to efficiently manage the network has become urgent as well. 

InHand Cloud Managed Network Solutions can simply improve the enterprise network experience and efficiently manage the network.

Enterprise Branch Networking Solution


Enterprise Branch Networking

As a corporate branch network access device, ER805 provides network through Gigabit Ethernet/ wireless Gigabit Wi-Fi as well as high-speed LAN access to office computers, mobile phones, PADs, monitoring cameras, printers, servers and other facilities for employees.

With the InCloud Manager, edge router ER805 will implement SD-WAN network, providing "always online" high-quality network services, effectively ensuring the stability of the business network, reducing the risk of network failures, and reducing network investment cost. The functions of network load balancing and link backup can effectively improve the network experience and bandwidth utilization of the WAN, which provides a better network experience.

Enterprise branch network management: InCloud Manager provides a management access platform, allowing IT engineers to easily get started with intuitive graphical and simple operation interface. Nervertheless, batch configuration and upgrade operations can be easily done through cloud, making management more time-saving and efficient.

Why InHand

Centralized cloud management

Centralized cloud management helps to realize the convenient, standard and scaled network management. Millions of sites in different location can be managed seamless, making management easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Multi-dimensional security strategy

Our cloud management for thousands of distributed sites' network status can be controlled anytime and anywhere and enjoy convenient management experience

A worry-free network: SD-WAN  

Integrating hardware, software and cloud services to realize SD-WAN network, which provides "always online" high-quality network services, effectively proves the stability of business network. It also reduces the risk of network failures and network input costs. 

Network visibility

Thanks to the visualization and refinement of network, we can gain insights into business problems from data, quickly troubleshooting faults and formulating network management strategies, and ensuring the development of key businesses