Networking of ATMs and other self-service financial terminals is important for banks and other commercial organizations. Those terminals are usually distributed in densely populated areas such as subway entrances, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, etc., but not all countries or regions offer adequate and reliable wired Internet access (such as DSL and fiber). Given the high costs for wired communications, security, affordability and reliability of ATM connectivity is challenged. When cable is not available, it is required that wireless network be built to connect the self-service terminals and bank data center.

For ATMs, even a few minutes’ downtime means huge losses and poor experience. Today, 4G LTE industrial cellular routers are widely used for connection between ATMs and the bank’s central system.


InHand's IR615-S router offers high security, reliability and can establish VPN connection that features advanced firewalls and supports a variety of protocols for remote transmission.

Secure and reliable ATM connectivity

The IR615-S offers stable and secure data link for key applications of ATMs. Dual-Sim failover enables the ATM to be connected to different carriers’ links. When the primary link fails, the IR615-S quickly switches to the other to ensure transmission stability. As the financial data transmitted by ATMs is highly sensitive, security is important. The IR615-S supports multiple firewalls and VPN technologies, which protects data transmission.


  • Uninterrupted and fast 4G connectivity
  • Dual SIM for multiple carriers’ networks
  • Highly reliable, multi-layer link detection and self-recovery for stable connection
  • VPN encryption (IPsec/PPTP/GRE/L2TP/OpenVPN/DMVPN) for data security
  • Industrial design, adapts to different environments
  • Supports InHand’s platform for centralized management and mass deployment

Device Manager

  • Easy for mass deployment and management
  • Support for remote configuration and upgrading
  • View and analysis of network status
  • Statistics of device traffic