Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading laser equipment manufacturer with more than 200 machine models. It is a list on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and its market value exceeds 2.15 billion USD.      

Laser cutting machines work in a very harsh industrial environment with electromagnetic interference and unstable temperature, which requires the network onsite to be highly reliable. Meanwhile, the remote monitoring of laser cutting machines and sending failure alarms is also crucial for this project.

Project requirements: 

  • Networking of Laser’s cutting machines’ PLC, HMI, and other on-site devices
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance


With industrial-grade networking products and Cloud platform, InHand Networks provided a cellular solution that fully meets Han’s Laser requirements.

InHand Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches for Local Networking

InHand ISE2008D switch achieves local networking of the laser cutting machines’ PLC and HMI. The ISE2008D connects the Schneider PLC and HMI to the InRouter900 via Ethernet port. 

InRouter900 Achieve Remote Maintenance of On-site Laser Cutting Machines

Through InHand cloud-based platform, remote engineers can build a secure VPN channel between Device Touch software and on-site InRouter900 to get access to the remote PLC and HMI. 


ISE2008D Switch: 

  • Multiple fibers ports+RJ45 ports options available
  • Send real-time alarms through relay output, ensuring precise monitoring 
  • High EMC level, wide operating temperature -40°C ~ 85 °C
  • Simple plug and play 
  • Schneider Electric CAPP authorized product

InRouter900 gateway: 

  • IR900 industrial smart gateway supports dual-link backup and VRRP technology, providing link redundancy when the main link fails
  • CE, FCC, UL, PTCRB, CCC, Verizon Wireless, AT&T certified, applicable globally
  • Fully industrial grade, providing reliable, secure and stable data transmission links for unattended sites
  • Through Python programming, can develop edge computing capability for data analysis and processing, customer can customize the intelligent logic processing, local pre-processing 
  • Built-in GPS module, positioning more accurately comparing with base station data
  • Microsoft Azure IoT certified
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