Smart Lighting Solution


While rapid expansion of cities has made the sky lighter at night, it is also creating challenges for remote monitoring and control of road lighting. Apart from huge investment in capital and technology, operation is also a problem, as it requires a large amount of manual labor and resources.

In order to reduce maintenance costs, save energy consumption, and make better use of street lights, an intelligent system is required to remotely manage the operation status of street lights, detect faults and to achieve high efficiency and low-cost management.

InHand’s Remote Management Solution for Lighting


Smart Lighting Solution

The InRouter301 offers reliable LTE connectivity for remote lighting management, ensuring stable and reliable operation of road lighting while saving energy and costs.

PLCs and/or RTUs are connected to the IR301 via serial ports. The IR301 constantly transmits data from lights to the remote monitoring center over LTE CAT M1 or NB-IoT networks. From the monitoring center, street lights can be controlled in batches and turned on/off automatically and flexibly with regard to demands; technical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, contactor status, etc. can be checked so that preventive maintenance can be conducted.

All the routers can be batch managed and configured via InHand’s free cloud platform – the Device Manager. From the user interface, technicians can the traffic and status of each router.


Compact Industrial LTE Router

  • Secure, reliable and cost-effective LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT connectivity
  • Remote management and deployment by Device Manager in the cloud
  • Industrial design, IP30, 9-36V power supply, ideal for unmanned sites
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