Unleashing Coffee Shop Efficiency with Cutting-Edge FWA 5G Routers


In the bustling realm of coffee shops, the integration of state-of-the-art Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G routers is redefining the landscape of digital experiences. Let's explore how these routers, with high-speed 5G capabilities, seamless LTE fallback, advanced Wi-Fi 6 support, and efficient management features, elevate the efficiency of coffee shops to new heights.



Lightning-Fast 5G Connectivity

High-Speed 5G: Delight in unparalleled connectivity with download speeds up to 4.76Gbps and upload speeds reaching 1.25Gbps. FWA 5G routers ensure a lightning-fast experience for patrons engaging in digital activities, such as placing coffee orders or exploring coffee shop applications.


Fallback to LTE Cat 19: Even in areas with limited 5G coverage, these routers seamlessly transition to high-speed LTE Cat 19, ensuring a continuous and smooth digital experience for coffee shop customers.


Comprehensive 5G Support

Both SA and NSA, 5G Sub-6GHz: With support for both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) modes, FWA 5G routers cater to diverse network architectures. Covering 5G Sub-6GHz frequencies in low and mid C bands, these routers provide expansive coverage within the coffee shop environment.

Enhanced Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi 6 Advancements: Elevate the digital experience further with 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, offering a maximum speed of 3600Mbps. Patrons can enjoy swift interactions with coffee shop applications and place orders seamlessly using the advanced Wi-Fi capabilities.


Dual NANO SIM, Optional eSIM: FWA 5G routers provide flexibility with dual NANO SIM slots and the option for an embedded SIM (eSIM). This versatility ensures uninterrupted connectivity, allowing coffee shops to cater to various user preferences and network configurations.


Effortless Management

APP/Cloud Management: Simplify operations with efficient app and cloud management. From zero-touch deployment to remote configurations, coffee shop owners can effortlessly manage the FWA 5G routers, ensuring a seamless digital experience for both customers and staff.

In summary, FWA 5G routers bring a perfect blend of speed, connectivity options, and streamlined management to coffee shops. With the ability to provide lightning-fast 5G connectivity, support LTE fallback, and offer advanced Wi-Fi capabilities, these routers redefine the efficiency and digital prowess of coffee shop environments.