Wireless Coverage Solution for Chain Stores


The EAP600 uses next-gen Wi-Fi 6 technology to offer comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage to chain stores, enhancing consumers’ shopping experience with greater comfort.

InHand provides a high-performance wireless network solution tailored for chain gaming arcades, focusing on stable connections, interference resistance, and real-time client connection awareness.



To streamline this process, InHand offers a straightforward SD-WAN solution that facilitates bulk deployment of store networks. With the InCloud Manager platform, just a small team of IT professionals can efficiently manage networks for thousands of stores, reducing management cost significantly.


Customer Requirements

Unified Management Platform

Chain stores with numerous branches require centralized network management to streamline configuration, software updates, and security policies for efficient and consistent operations.

Stable Network Connectivity

In chain stores, it is essential to provide network connectivity for cash registers and payment devices. Prolonged disconnection of these devices from the network can result in significant operational losses.

Network Security

The store network must be sufficiently secure to ensure that the store’s operational network remains unaffected by attacks and to safeguard the security of user data and transactions.



InHand introduces a holistic cloud-to-end solution, offering seamless network coverage for various scenarios. For small stores, we provide ER routers with Wi-Fi support, while medium to large stores benefit from a combination of ER routers and APs, catering to both wired and wireless network needs.

All devices are capable of centralized management through our cloud platform, eliminating the need for on-site IT staff. This not only saves businesses IT costs but also enhances maintenance efficiency across all store locations.



Convenient Unified Management

The devices are plug-and-play, allowing IT personnel to centrally manage them through the InCloud Manager platform. This enables bulk configuration deployment and one-click upgrades, significantly boosting store deployment efficiency.

Cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 Technology

EAP600 supports the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 technology, offering high-speed and low-latency features that meet the daily networking needs of stores while enhancing the shopping experience for visitors.

Comprehensive Security Protection

InCloud Manager, based on AWS services, ensures data transmission is secured through certificate encryption. The devices themselves support various security mechanisms, including access control, URL filtering, blacklisting, whitelisting, and data encryption.