The world is witnessing increasing unexpected accidents such as floods, fires, extreme weathers and so on. While disasters are harming our lives, they are also threatening our business.

Business stricken by disruptions

Interruption of transaction and business data challenges business management. To recover from disruption generally involves a long time and great labor. Downtime means lost revenue for quite a period ranging from months to years. Every single lost minute means delays in business processing, which may gradually drive customers away.

Network failure

Network restoration is a gradual process. Among various means of Internet access, cellular networks are the ones that recover first.

If connectivity is already important enough today, it will only become more so tomorrow. With countless devices networked, such as self-service terminals, factory machines, business branches, a cellular networking device can save you from disasters.

Apart from support for cellular networks, failover between multiple network links is critical for key business scenarios and industrial sites. Switch between different networks will help a lot in the case of a failure.


An ideal device should both be reliable and support cellular networks.

InHand Networks offers one-stop simplified and highly available networking solutions to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), which includes both hardware and cloud-based management platform, so that end users can manage everything with one single entry.

With InHand’s cellular networking devices, stay tuned with your business while free from connectivity concerns.

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