What Is InHand DeviceSupervisor Agent Service


The DeviceSupervisorTM Agent (DSA), developed by InHand Networks, is a cutting-edge intelligence software designed to operate on Edge Computer or Edge Gateway products. It enables clients to quickly implement data collection, processing, protocol conversion, and cloud connectivity through a "zero code/low code" approach.


How Does It Work and What Is Used For?


DSA software is built-in inhand gateway/edge computer devices,like IG series or EC series, come with it from the factory.

From field-to-cloud, it offers an easy way to realize real-time collection,analysis and display of digitized data on cloud.


  • Data Collection


DSA supports more than 80 mainstream protocol drivers, there are some standard industrial protocols like Modbus , OPC UA , BACnet , etc. As well as it also support some industrial protocols from mainstream PLC manufacturers。


  • Customized Collection Cycles


  1. Set different polling cycles for different controllers
  2. Set different polling periods for the various data in controller
  3. Support millisecond collection of key data, with collection frequency up to 100ms
  4. Properly utilize the performance resources of gateways and controllers


  • BatchImport/Export Strategies


  1. Support for Excel import/export functionality


Users can easily import existing data from Excel files into the system. This not only reduces the time and effort required for manual data entry but also avoids input errors, enhancing data accuracy.As well as it also supports exporting data to Excel files, facilitating data backup, analysis, and sharing.


  1. Support for device template function to quickly add devices


With the device template function, users can predefine the attributes and configurations of various devices. When adding new devices, they only need to select the appropriate template to automatically populate the relevant information, greatly simplifying the process of adding devices.


  • Support Public/Private Data Cloud


DSA supports mainstream public cloud like Azure,AWS,ThingsBoad and etc.Users also can build their own private cloud with MQTT protocol.




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