The continuous development of IoT technology has brought a profound influence on the medical industry. Bedside medical equipment, such as hospital ultrasound, ECG, etc., needs to maintain a stable wireless network connection while being moved throughout the hospital as needed. Remote monitoring enables medical professionals to see the real-time status of the mobile equipment and patient updates from anywhere at any time via the Internet, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.

System Requirements

  • Support 3G/4G Networks
  • Support Multiple LAN Ports
  • Support IPSec VPN and CA
  • Support Access Control features
  • Support InHand Device Manager Cloud for Remote Management
  • High Performance, Small form factor

InHand Remote Monitoring Solution

InHand Networks provides wireless remote monitoring solutions for mobile medical equipment. The InRouter615-S wireless router connects to the high-speed 4G LTE network and sends real-time operation data of the medical equipment to the monitoring room. It significantly reduces the number of times that medical staffs need to go toward checking on the equipment and patients.


In Ward: 

The IR615-S can be connected to and moved along with a patient monitor, such as ultrasound or electrocardiograph equipment. The electrocardiograph data will be transmitted real-timely to the monitoring center for the medical staff to check at any time.

In Operation Room: 

Staying in the operation room, medical staff can view the real-time data of various equipment dispersed in different rooms and conduct remote patient monitoring.

InHand Product

Industrial LTE Router_InHand Networks.png
  • InRouter615-S Industrial LTE Router 
  • Rugged and Compact Design 
  • Supports Ethernet, 3G/4G, and Wi-Fi 
  • Supports IPSec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and CA
  • Stable, Easy-to-manage and Secure Connection


  • InHand Device Manager Cloud: remote management of InRouter615-S including online statistics, traffic statistics, remote configuration, remote update, and logs, etc.
  • Professional network configuration and management tools, help customers efficiently manage a large number of routers.