The global outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced enterprises around the world into a “work-from-home” mode. This has posed many challenges, such as networking stability and security.


Think about this: When employees who usually work in the office’s network under firewall access to the company’s internal data, the network is faced with security threats of data transmission, server information, information management, etc. Generally, the user has to manually install a VPN on his/her device. The complex configuration requires a certain amount of IT knowledge. 


To meet the global demand for working from home, InHand Networks offers its InConnect cloud service, which enables smart networking and plug-and-play. Based on cloud technology, digital certification and the highly secure, encrypted algorithm for data transmission, the InConnect enables customers to remotely configure and manage their devices at home with just a few clicks.

The InConnect, together with InHand’s routers and gateways, connect users and onsite terminal devices (PLCs, HMIs, IP cameras, etc.) into the same network so that IT/OT engineers can securely connect to remote onsite terminals.

The InConnect can also connect business servers and combined with business tools, help with troubleshooting. The solution is applicable for various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, electric power, hydraulic engineering, oil and gas, etc.


  • “One-stop” service: Reliable networking devices integrated with a software platform, cost-saving
  • Easy to use: Plug & play, smart IP mapping; simple system operation, no need to change local network configuration, little IT/OT knowledge required
  • Management in the cloud: Remote management in the cloud after networking, no need for onsite monitoring devices
  • Secure and reliable: Highly secure cloud servers, advanced access control, multi-layered encrypted logic processing, etc., ensuring network security
  • Flexible expansion: Add or reduce points at any time, no need to re-networking
  • Free from operation & maintenance: Deployed in the cloud, smart operation & maintenance