Fast and Reliable Connectivity for First Responders


First responders are dispatched in emergencies for communicating between the sites and the command center via teleconferencing and remote management. The center monitors the location and status of vehicles and dispatch them. Thus, a stable, reliable, fast and secure communication tunnel is expected for the scenario, where cellular network works as the primary connectivity, and satellite communication as the backup option to ensure “always-online”.

InHand Networks offers a connectivity solution for first responders featuring the VG710 vehicle LTE gateway that delivers fast and reliable communications between the vehicles and the command center.

InHand’s Connectivity Solution for First Responders

Fast and Reliable Connectivity for First Responders

High-precision GNSS and inertial navigation help quickly acquire the vehicle location data. The VG710 sends the data to the command center so that vehicles can be better tracked and managed.

Built with dual SIM cards, the VG710 can be connected to two carriers’ VPDNs/APNs. The Ethernet WAN port is connected to the satellite network via the satellite modem. Thus, mutual failover is built between two cellular networks and the satellite, and the onsite technician can choose the optimal tunnel with great ease.

The VG710 connects onboard devices like MNVR and radio, and communicate with the central system via VPN. Meanwhile, the VG710 reads the vehicle status data via the OBD-II interface.


VG710 Multi-network Vehicle Gateway

  • High-speed vehicle network

The VG710 is available with 5G/4G network access that supports up to 2.1Gbps download rate. With Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Wi-Fi, serial ports and CAN Bus, the VG710 offers high-speed communication networks for the first responder command system and enables flexible expansion of system functions.

  • Network failover

The VG710 offers multiple means of network access. Mutual failover between different carriers’ cellular networks and between cellular and satellite networks keep the devices always online.

  • Rugged enough for vehicles

With IP64 protection rating and EMC level 3, the VG710 is able to work in harsh environments that feature frequent vibration and voltage/current change.

  • Developer features

With Python and Docker supported and extensive APIs, the VG710 delivers an environment where users can program their own applications.

  • High-precision location tracking

The VG710 helps acquire high-precision location data. Inertial navigation makes it possible to track the vehicles in places with limited signal.

  • Easily managed remotely

InHand Networks offers easy-to-use cloud platforms to manage your devices. The free InHand Device Manager enables you to manage thousands of vehicle gateways from a single interface. With the InConnect service, you can access your onboard devices and check their status anytime anywhere.